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I heard that you were spreading lies and hopeless arguments as to why ronalda should be Ballon d’Or 2013. You are wrong.

What has he done this year? Nothing.

Has he scored more goals than Messi? No.

Won more trophies than Ribery? No.

Won more trophies than Messi at least? No.

Won European Golden Boot? No.

Win any individual La Liga awards? …”most valuable La Liga player” while the real award “player of the year” went to Messi.

More assists? No.

But maybe he’s played less games? No. He’s played waaay more games especially with Messi out, AND HE STILL CAN’T MATCH HIS STATS.

Did he lead portugal to the top of their world cup qualifying group like Messi did by scoring 10 goals in 14 games?? No. He has to rely on Sweden’s head coach coming up with the brilliant idea of playing a super high line and depend on his midfielders to spoon feed him the ball for breakaways.

Please Kristian. Provide a counter argument (as weak as it will be) as to why you are using your position in media poorly…by preaching “ronaldas” greatness. Pathetic.

Zlatan, Ozil, Ribery, Robben, Iniesta, Messi all much better footballers than him.