An invite to my 6th annual charity soccer tournament

Hello footy fans

As many of you know my columns on the game are now available to read on which is why very little has been posted on this site. However, this site gave me a platform to write when I didn’t have one and I thank you all for reading it.

I am using this site today to give you an opportunity to be play in my 6th annual charity soccer tournament.

Over five years ago while running on a treadmill it hit me. I always wanted to do more for people who are not as fortunate as us and this was how to do it.

Combining the great sport of soccer with friendship and work camaraderie, for the past five years I have run a soccer tournament to help raise money for certain charities that are close to my heart.
Year one started with 30 of us kicking a ball around for a few hours and last year over 100 people played and some had to be turned away as my squads were maxed out.
During that time I was a proud employee of the Score Television Network and the day itself became one of the highlights of the year for many staff members. Not only was it a way of getting people together out of the work environment, but it also improved relationships, raised morale, created great memories and brought many smiles to people’s faces.
Although I am no longer with theScore, I am proud to be close to many who work there, including Sally, John and Benjie, who have again offered this year to help me with this endeavour once again.
It didn’t take long for this event to get to the public and over the last few years I have opened it up to a select member of people who do not work in the sports media industry.
I am delighted to once again have my friends on board from Umbro Canada who supply us with jerseys so we all at least look like a player, even if most of us don’t play like one!
Please do not be put off if you have never played the game. This is a fun day out, where you will be placed on a team to play a few games, knowing you are making a difference in people’s lives.
All you need to do at the moment is confirm whether or not you will be able to play.
The event takes place between 1015am and 230pm on Friday December 20th at Lamport Stadium in Toronto. Cost is $50 and in return for that you will receive a shirt, a spot on a team and one golden raffle ticket to win some outstanding prizes.
This is not a tournament that accepts local teams, just individuals who are placed on teams that feature people from the media industry.
If you want a spot in this tournament follow these instructions:
1) Please email [email protected] as soon as you can. Spots are currently open but running out quickly.
2) You must indicate your jersey size preference (I will do my best to get this)
3) If you have never played with me in an event before please let me know if you have any experience, preference of position, etc. This will be used when setting up the teams.
The event is also looking for volunteers to referee games or monitor scores so please get in touch if you want to be involved that way.
Later this month an email will be sent out to the players selected with the schedule, teams, information on how to pay and details of the charities we will be supporting this year.
Many thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon