My name is Kristian Jack and I have been covering the game some call soccer and others call football professionally since 1997. Prior to that I just watched and observed. I currently work as a co-host of the Footy Show on The Score Television Network, available as a podcast on itunes. I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire’s well-known journalism school and covered the game for the Lancashire Evening Post newspaper until emigrating to Canada. While at theScore, as well as co-hosting the Footy Show, I was a regular contributor to the Footy Blog at thescore.com until it recently was rebranded & I was no longer able to write for the site due to the upcoming takeover by Rogers on the TV side. Needing a place to put my thoughts I gave birth to 4-2-3-1. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. KJ,

    So sorry to hear the Footy Show Podcast is ending. I’ve been listening for at least a few End of the Year Quizes. It has really been great. Sincerely, I hope it will start up again, and of course the old crew will be reunited. Would you announce such a thing here on your blog? As I don’t tweet I’m at a loss as to where I would learn of such news.



  2. Hey KJ,

    Is there any possibility of a Footy Show reunion over with Rogers and Sportsnet? By far the best sports pod out there, and hands down the main reason why football has become such an integral part of my day to day life. Hope to hear the gang soon through iTunes!


  3. Just wanted to add my voice to those that say that KJ and Sharman were some of the best footy/soccer analysts I have heard (not just in NA). Here’s to hoping to some sort of reunion for the world cup next summer!

  4. Man, you guys on the footyshow were genuinely amazing analysts and presenters! I was watching the show since the early days when it was just World sports news and then it slowly developed into a great show! I used to watch the sunday premierleague games as a kid, and even remembered rohan rickets and danny dichio come on the show. Best of luck in the future, and formation geek was the best!

  5. Im lucky i stumbled upon this website while listening to old podcasts. i cried during the last episode :’). Please KJ, a footy show rezzurection! I would not mind paying a $20 subscription fee or whatever it takes! I already miss you lads! Major league socceeeeeeeeer. Good memories.

    • Also I would like to wish my mate Charley Morgan a speedy recovery. Reading your analysis in text is not nearly as fulfilling as listening to footy show banter.

  6. Hi Kristian, I was a long time listener of the footy podcast and the footy show on T.V.
    I remember when you and Joe Ross used to duke it out on the T.V. show in discussing the up coming premier league games, and Brian Budd was co-hosting.
    I am a truck driver and I loved taking the podcasts with me and it helped me cover the miles. Thx for doing a great job. Missing you guys Blessings Dale

  7. Bring back the Footy show. Stop rogers and bell takeover of Canada media! There has to be way…I must say it cracks me up to see you and Sharman in your Sunday best on mainstream …..come on KJ make it happen mate, and on the odd occasion you comment on LUFC….be kind ;) from a hopeful Leeds Lass.

  8. Hi Kristian, love this new site, and I always enjoy your knowledgeable commentary’s ….I’m a Scot, who now lives in Calgary…..keep up the great work buddy :)

  9. Hi KJ, really appreciate you posting the Footy Show’s World Cup Tonight episodes from the 2010 World Cup. Classic Footy Show, with great commentary from you, Sharms and Sid – knowledgeable, opinionated and humorous. Truly brilliant television.

  10. Enjoy your World Cup comments on TSN and would welcome return of Footy Show podcast.
    Has there been any discussion of a stop-time format where clock only runs when ball in play? Seems a simple way to control time-wasting through feigned injuries, substitutions, and so forth.

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